Packaged/Specialty Products



Concrete Mix

Strong-Crete High Strength Concrete Mix is a specialty proportioned blend of Portland Cement, Sand, and Aggregate for use where maximum strength and appearance are a concern.  Below are a few applications:

Wood Deck Supports
Furnace Bases
Concrete Steps
Tool Shed Bases
Washer/Dryer Bases
Down-spout Troughs
Driveways or Walkways
Installations or repairs
Fence or Post Footings

Strong-Crete High Strength Concrete Mix is available in  80 lb, 60 lb, and 50 lb bags.   Ready to use just by adding water.  Strong-Crete High Strength Concrete Mix covers approximately 2 ½ sq ft by 3 ½ in thick.

For post or fence-pole installations, an 80 lb bag fills a hole 6 in wide by 3 ½ ft deep.

Fast Set Concrete Mix

Fast Set Concrete Mix is a general purpose concrete designed to achieve final set in 20-40 minutes and is suitable for setting posts and slabs when a rapid return to service is desired. Below are a few applications:

Patios          Sleeves          Anchors

Fast Set Concrete Mix is available in  50 lb bags.   Ready to use just by adding water.  One bag of  Fast Set Concrete Mix covers approximately  0.375 cu ft.  Two bags will set a 4″ diameter post in a 10″ diameter hole 2′ deep.

Commercial Grade Type S Mortar Mix

Strong- Crete Commercial Grade Type S Mortar Mix is a high quality specification grade blend of Type S Masonry Cement and Fine Sand.  It is suited for commercial mortar applications as well as residential home building.  This product may be used to install the following:

Repairs on the above
Concrete Blocks
Stone for walls

Commercial Grade Type S Mortar Mix is available in 80 lb bags.   An 80 lb bag lays approximately 45 bricks or 18 blocks with a 3/8″ mortar joint.

Sand Mix

Strong-Crete Sand Mix is a  ready mix blend of cement and fine sand for applications  from ½ in to 2 in thickness.  It is equally suited for home repair or construction and is ideal for the smooth surface of:

Driveways     Steps     Floors     Footings

Used in applications where concrete is needed in less than 2 in thickness, Strong-Crete Sand Mix forms a smooth topping finished when grouting drain tile, laying flagstone and paving bricks, or patching and topping chipped concrete surfaces.  Mixed with water for stiff troweling consistency, Strong-Crete Sand Mix covers approximately 8 sq ft of 1 in thick.  Use of bonding agent is strongly recommended when using the top existing concrete.

Strong-Crete Sand Mix is available in 80 lb and 60 lb bags.





Golf Course Sand

Our variety of topdressing sands keep greens, fairways, and tees healthier, more playable and easier to maintain. Our sand is the perfect fit for frequent brush-in applications to avoid disrupting play and for better performance.

Golf Course Sand is available in 50 lb bags, 80 lbs bags, super sacks and bulk loads.

Green Divot Sand

For hiding divot areas while they are growing.

Green Divot Sand is available in 2000 lb Super Sacks and 50 lb bags

Athletic Field Sand

Whether it’s natural grass or synthetic turf, we provide a lineup of products for sports turf designed to give athletes greater confidence and safety in pursuit of their potential.

Athletic Field Sand is available 80 lb bags, super sacks and bulk loads.

Industrial Sand

Sand and gravel are used for road construction, for mixing with asphalt, as construction fill, and in the production of construction materials like concrete blocks, bricks, and pipes. It is also used to make roofing shingles, used on icy roads in the winter, for railroad ballast, and water filtration. This sand is available in the following grades;

-20 Fine           #6 Coarse        Medium          #30 Extra Fine

Industrial Sand is available in 80 lb bags, super sacks and bulk loads.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is regularly used for walkways, dog runs, playgrounds, patios, and a variety of other high-traffic areas. Like crushed stone, pea gravel can also be used for underground projects, such as drainage and pipe bedding.

Pea Gravel is available in bulk loads.

All Purpose-Play Sand

Used for children’s sand boxes . Ideal for molding and building. Can be used in many landscape applications. NOT TO BE USED FOR SAND BLASTING!

All Purpose-Play Sand is available in 50 lb bags.



Mohawk Materials  offers a full line of cements,  repair and  home building products as well as a variety of Lime products.   Whether you are starting a new project or a simple repair we have what you are looking for.

During  the winter months, we offer Tube Sand and Ice Melt for parking lots, drive ways, sidewalks  and any other locations  where snow and ice can accumulate making it a hazard to maneuver.  Whether on foot or in vehicles contact us for your winter needs.

Cements/Repair Products

Portland Cements
Mortar Colors
Self-Leveling Cements
Vinyl Concrete Patch

Masonry Cements
Fast Setting Concrete Mix
Surface Bonding Cements
Non-Shrink Grout

Colored/White Cements
Anchoring Cements
Black Top Patch
Sanded and Concentrated Stucco

Home Building Products

Form Tubes
Splash Blocks
Fire Brick

Foundation Vents
Deck Blocks
Concrete Brick

Access Doors
Flu Tile


10 lb Hydrated Lime
50 lb Hydrated Lime
Type S Slik Lime
Athletic Field Marker

Winter Products

Tube Sand
Ice Melt